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ATOL & ABTA Protection

We know it's important to feel protected when booking your holiday. That's why all the holidays sold on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme when you buy an ATOL protected flight or flight inclusive holiday. Plus we're members of ABTA!

You're Fully Protected
When booking a holiday, there's a lot to keep in mind from choosing the best hotels to selecting your travel and holidays extras! One of the most important things to know is that you and your money are protected. That's why Instant Breaks is a proud member of ABTA, helping us to provide a service that guarantees peace of mind to all of our customers.

While it's great to know that you're financially protected, it's good to understand what this actually means and so we're here to tell you just that!

What is ATOL Protection?
Let's start with the basics, ATOL stands for 'Air Travel Organiser's Licence'.

When you book a flight or flight inclusive Holiday with us, your money is protected by ATOL. This means that in the unlikely event that we or any of your travel providers go bust, you'll be able to continue with your holiday or a suitable alternative holiday (at no extra cost) or receive a refund of the amount paid to us.

How does it work?
All you need to do to become ATOL protected is book a flight or flight inclusive Holiday with us - it really is that simple!

What do I get?
You will receive an official certificate! Once you've paid pr made a deposit, we'll issue your Flight Plus ATOL certificate. Make sure you take this with you when you travel, just in case.

    ATOL has helped with so much, such as:
  • Over 112K Holiday Makers returning home safely
  • Over £183m refunded so far
  • More than 500K holidays being reimbursed

What is ABTA?
ABTA - The Travel Association is a trusted travel brand that has been operating for over 65 years, representing travel companies and tour operators, as well as offering both legal and financial support to the travelling public.

ABTA offers protection for package holidays that don't include air travel but may include rail, cruise or self-drive elements, for instance. If your travel company fails and your holiday can no longer go ahead, you will be entitled to a refund if you're yet to travel. If you are already on holiday, you can carry on enjoying your holiday knowing that alternative arrangements will be made to bring you home through ABTA.

Instant Breaks are proud full ABTA members, so you can travel with confidence! When you make any booking with us, you can be confident that your holiday is protected no matter what. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our ABTA membership guarantees that your money will be safe.

Code Of Conduct
All ABTA-bonded companies are bound by a code of conduct, ensuring high standards when you book your holiday. If you don't feel like these have been met or you have been mis-sold a holiday, ABTA is there offer support and advice.

Booking with an ABTA member like us, comes with some big benefits!
You'll have peace of mind knowing that your holiday is booked through a reputable company and is financially protected. Holidays are a big investment and it's important to know that, in the unlikely case that something goes wrong with your travel company, your money is safe. ABTA offers round-the-clock support, protection, and expertise, making it easy for you to get advice whenever you need it.

What is the difference between ATOL & ABTA?
ATOL and ABTA both offer protection schemes for the travelling public. The main difference between the two is what is included in that protection. ABTA covers package holidays that include rail, cruise or self-drive transport but does not offer protection for flight-based packages. ABTA also provides advice for people who believe their holiday package has been mis-sold and are seeking compensation.

ATOL covers package holidays that include flights- for example, a flight and accommodation package. If your travel company ceases trading, you will be entitled to a refund if you have not yet travelled. If you are on holiday at the time, you will be flown home with repatriation flights through ATOL. However, ATOL does not cover flights which have been purchased directly through the airline.

Another difference between the two is that ATOL is a compulsory licensing system run by the government, while ABTA is a voluntary scheme that travel companies can sign up to if they meet the requirements.