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Flight Duration to Lapland

The flight time to Lapland is 3.5 hours and there is no in flight entertainment so it is useful to take some colouring/games/magazines on the flight to keep your children occupied.
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Hand Luggage on Day Breaks

You may take up to 5kg of hand luggage per person including children, (excludes infants). On board size restrictions apply – 55x40x20cm. You will have somewhere to leave your belongings whilst in resort and participating in activities, but we recommend that you keep your valuable items on your person as we cannot guarantee their safety.
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Climate In December

Temperatures in Lapland normally range between -7°c and -35°c.

Snowfall can be extremely heavy at this time.

Daylight is limited to between 10.30 and 14.00, with long periods of twilight either side of night.
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Whilst thermal suits and boots are provided free for the duration of your stay, you are advised to bring layers of thermal and fleeced clothing to wear underneath when you are outdoors. Several layers of clothing provide better insulation from the cold than one or two thick items, Denim Jeans are not recommended as they are not good at providing insulation against the cold. Balaclavas, snoods, face masks and extra warm head gear are also suggested.

PLEASE NOTE:  Thermal Suits may not be available in exceptional sizes, please check before booking. Those needing Thermal Suits outside the usual children’s sizes and adults Small / Medium / Large range are recommended to purchase their own before travel.

Minimum Child Sizes:- 90cm Suit & 25/26 Boots.

Maximum Adult Sizes: 50 Chest & 47/48 Boots.

(Thermal Suits & Boots can not be reserved for a Day Break).

The heating in hotels and Catered Christmas Cabins is extremely efficient so lighter clothing is required indoors.
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Photographic Equipment

Mobile phones and cameras should be kept in inside pockets to preserve battery times. If possible take a spare battery. Make sure you have plenty of room left on your memory card! There is no problem using your equipment indoors, in Santa’s Log Cabin fro example, BUT when outdoors ensure that you place your camera back in a protective case when not in use. You should also keep in mind that the perpetual twilight will affect your photography and you should have a good flash. If you are going to be using a camcorder in Lapland, please keep in mind that the cold affects the life of the battery.
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Local Time

Lapland is 2 hours ahead of UK time in December (i.e. GMT +2).
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What should I wear on the flight?

You do not need to wear too many layers for the flight to Lapland. You will be either on the flight, in the airport or on the transfer coach. The only times you will be facing the elements is the very short walk between the arrival lounge and the transfer coach. Wear whatever you are comfortable in and have a warm outer layer ready for if you get cold. Ensure you have a warm coat and suitable footwear for the short period of time you will be outside before collecting your thermal clothing in resort.
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The party leader is responsible for ensuring all party members are in possession of a valid passport (a full 10 year passport in the case of British Citizens over the age of 16 on return date). British Citizen children under 16 years old and not already on a parent’s passport valid for the dates of travel, must have their own passport. Your specific passport, visa and immigration requirements, including any minimum required validity period beyond holiday dates, are your responsibility and you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. Lapland Trips Direct accepts no liability if you cannot travel or re-enter the UK due to non compliance. Your passport and any travel documentation you arrange must show the same surname and initials. If these details change between making the holiday reservation and departure from UK, you should have the travel documentation changed. If you don’t have time, please carry the appropriate documentation, such as a marriage certificate, with you.

Health You are advised to obtain the Department of Health leaflet Health Advice for Travellers, on 08701 555 455 or
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Special Needs

If you have any special requirements it is essential you bring these to our attention at the earliest opportunity and before choosing your holiday. It is therefore important you provide us with written details of your requirements in order that we can help you find a suitable holiday.
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Northern Lights Adventure

Whilst it is hoped that these natural phenomena will appear during the safari, they cannot be guaranteed and no refund or compensation is applicable should they not be visible. Please note we do not operate any of these activities ourselves and arrangements are made by us acting as your agent and not as principal. We endeavour to ensure that all activities contracted through us are undertaken with reasonable skill and care in accordance with local laws, regulations and customs. However, it is not feasible to make the activity programmes completely risk free and it is a condition of your booking that you accept that you are taking risks and that it is your responsibility to be insured to the levels reasonably required for your circumstances.

Local representatives are recruited and trained to provide a quality holiday for all our guests and you will have the resources of our staff to help you in any way they can during your trip.

Please note that we do not provide nanny or nursery care and all children remain the responsibility of their accompanying adults at all times.
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The activities described will not necessarily take place in the exact order in which they are described on the website/brochure, and due to circumstances outside our control it may be necessary to vary the itineraries at very short notice. Local representatives reserves the right to do this when necessary.

The length of the rides shown in our itineraries is a guideline only, and may vary according to safety or weather conditions, the number of huskies and reindeer available and other issues beyond our control and no guarantee is given as to the specific length of each ride. ‘Huskies’ is the generic term for the range of breeds used by Lapland’s dog-sled providers.

Some features included in the itineraries rely on satisfactory levels of snow and ice and should the levels be inappropriate, suppliers will do their best to offer alternative activities. Insufficient snow or ice in resort is not considered a reason to cancel or grounds for compensation. Safety instructions are given prior to each activity or safari, not including tobogganing or other similar informal activities, and parents are reminded that children must remain under their control at all times.

Age limits or qualifications apply to several features, e.g. a full driving licence is required and must be produced on request before driving snowmobiles; the minimum age is 18 years (but dependent on size and weight) to drive a husky sled, passport evidence may be required. You should enquire before booking if any limitations to activities are of paramount importance to you. Strict drink driving laws apply to snowmobile driving, as with any vehicle. During a snowmobile safari, children are transported in a separate sled driven by a guide, whilst parents drive or are a passenger on a separate snowmobile. Young children cannot ride pillion on a snowmobile and the recommended minimum height to ride pillion is 1.40m. As most activities take place outdoors in Arctic conditions, they are not all suitable for babies and very young children. We take advice from our suppliers daily on whether children under 4 years old should be allowed to participate in certain activities due to weather conditions and other factors. No refund or compensation is applicable if young children and the accompanying carer are unable to take part in a particular activity.

If any activity, whether pre-booked in the UK or booked locally, does not ultimately take place, the liability of  the Tour Operator is limited to a refund of the price paid for that specific activity only and no additional compensation will be payable.
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Hotel Information

The hotels shown on our website have been given the Tour Operators own diamond ratings to give an indication of the style and standard of the hotels in comparison to each other. Our ratings are based on senior management inspections and previous guest feedback and naturally a certain amount of personal opinion is involved. We emphasise that these are not official ratings, and cannot be compared in any way with any system of official hotel star ratings.

It is becoming increasingly common for hotels to take an imprint of your credit card for security reasons when checking in. Check-in / check-out times will differ for each hotel – your compliance with the hotel regulations in which you are staying is mandatory, therefore please do ensure that you are aware of the times applicable to your chosen hotel.
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The first meal of your stay is usually dinner on your arrival evening if you have booked the half-board option, and the last meal included is breakfast on departure day. Food is either international cuisine or traditional Finnish fare and is usually buffet style.

Please note that Gala Dinners in hotels in Saariselka do not follow traditional British Christmas dinner menus, but are buffet-style including a selection of international dishes and Lapland specialties. Please note that if the minimum numbers required for a particular hotel to provide the Gala Dinner are not reached, the Gala Dinner may be provided for you in one of our other hotels, a short walk away, joining other guests.
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Beds may be sofa-beds, chair-beds or folding beds, particularly in family accommodation where part of the room is intended as either a sleeping area or a sitting area. Where children share bunk beds, we recommend 6 years old as the minimum age for occupying the upper bed. Cots are usually available free of charge, if requested at the time of booking. Please note that the addition of a cot may restrict room space and we cannot guarantee that cots will meet British Safety standards. Bathrooms may not always have full size baths and showers may not always have a shower tray or curtain.

Soap and shampoo are not usually provided. ‘Private facilities’ are not necessarily en-suite – please check individual property descriptions.

Some hotels ask guests not to wear outdoor shoes/boots inside the building, so it is advisable to take indoor shoes or slippers with you.

Hotels may provide a Continental twin (a double bed frame with two single mattresses and two single duvets) in rooms described as doubles or twins. You must advise us in writing if this is not acceptable to anyone included on your booking.
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Hotel Facilities

There may be a small charge for facilities such as pools, saunas, leisure activities, fitness rooms etc., unless stated as being free or included. Please bear in mind that the range of equipment in fitness rooms and health suites may vary and will not be as extensive as a purpose built gym. Swimming pool, steam bath and sauna temperatures are determined by the hotel management in accordance with local regulations or custom and may not always match guests’ expectations.

Please note some communal saunas are clothing-free areas! Leisure facilities may be subject to limited opening hours and there may be restrictions on their use by children.

Where descriptions state ‘Satellite TV or Cable TV’, these will normally have a limited selection of English-speaking channels, e.g. news, and not a full range of sport or children’s channels. Some hotels may also offer a ‘Pay for View’ film channel.
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